Friday, February 10, 2012

oh, this is how it starts, lightening strikes the heart.

First off TGIF!! :)
I am soo ready for it to finally be the weekend. It has been such a extremely long week. Although, I did get a new job which so far I love. Part time babysitting and Part time working at State Farm. All for the same lady. Its been great. And nice to have a change. When I'm babysitting the baby sleeps all day so I have time to feed my pinterest craze. Yes, I am part of the 98% ofthe world that is addicted to Pinterest. I am also in the 90% that have plans to do things I see on there but never actually get around to it.

I seen on Baileys blog about her lone paragraph on The Walking Dead and would like to dedicate a paragraph as well. :) I am so pumped for Sunday night now. It is easily my favorite show on television right now. No contest!

Mackenzie and I just celebrated our 7 month anniversary! I know.. #gag but... surely after 7 months I deserve one blog post ;) Also Valentine's day is just next week! He has something planned but wont tell me what. Which just stresses me out cause I have no idea what to wear. He'll just tell me a jean skirt and t shirt but hello. I'm a girl. Its a lot harder then that.

To wrap up this blog post I would like to make an announcement that my birthday is next month. yes, next month. I'm really sad to be turning 19 and have my last summer/year to be a teenager. But I'm hoping for the best one yet :)

All for now..
- Hilary

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Atchley Engagement

By Request of the Bride and Groom :) ^^^

The Groom wanted to show off his socks :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Really right now???

Is anyone else having as hard of a time believing it's sept as i am? i mean c'mon!! really right now?? I feel like I'm being punked! where is ashton?? and why did he change all my calendars???

i love fall and all... but summer is my favorite.. and right after fall is winter. one big ball of depression.

if any good comes out of this its auburn football and haunted houses<3
... i just needed to take a minute and vent about how unreal this seems. i cant believe we are approaching the end of 2011. it has flownnnn by. it's been great. and i've got close to a lot of new people :) but... it went by too fast.

enough vent-blogging for now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It. is. what. it. is. - Real talk.

All of my friends get on to me for not ever blogging... but i'd like to say I'm thankful that I have so many great friends that keep me so busy I dont have time to blog... :)

I honestly get on here sometimes to read everyone elses and i forget that I have one myself lol. Honestly the only reason I'm on here now is to procrastinate on doing my homework.. cough. cough.

I really have been super busy this summer. Between school, church, school, church, school, church and kenzie i really have absolutely no down time. whenever i'm not at school i'm at church.. and vice versa.

But i'm thankful that I'm able to further my education and have the oppurtunity to go to school. I take that so for granted sometimes and forget that some people would love to have what I complain about all the time.

-I'm also thankful for church. Knowing that I was born into a family that could teach me the right thing means so much. I love the Lord, He has stood by my side and been my very best friend.. I never wanna take that for granted. :)

Well this morning I woke up and as soon as I woke up I was craving Zaxbys... anyone who knows me is probably saying "of course" under their breath. I know I know. But still. Zax sauce is my Nicotine :) well I tried to just brush it off and go about my day... but by the time I was sitting in my second class, that was all that was on my mind. So I text (If I was in concert, on tour this would be the part where i held the microphone out for you to tell me) Bailey. Of course she was up for it too. We got there ordered.. ate every single bite, kinda got scared of our creeper friend who kept trying to take care of us and contemplated over ordering MORE food then decided we should hit up Mcdonalds for a wonderful Rolo Mcflurry. It was delish. of course.

When we finished there we still had a little time to kill before she had to go to work so we decided to hit up Kids Space Park. Pretty much everyone has heard of planking.... well there's a new thing now and it's called Owling. it's pretty hip. Except bailey wouldnt let me smile in any of the pictures.... so. I look pretty dumb. but I am trying to be an owl and i dont guess owls are suppose to be the most attractive animals in the wild. but i figure these pictures will make someones day lol. here we go..

me planking ->

Monday, June 6, 2011

Let the competition begin!!

well today started our diet competition... me bailey and britney. we have till friday night to lose as much weight as we can. whoever loses the least has to pay for the other two's frozen yogurt. real talk. i would love to be able to get on here and say.. i've done wonderful today. but i havent. so i cant. but for starters all i've drank today is water:) anddddd i walked two miles. i decided cereal would be a good snack (cause i heard eating cereal is the easiest way for teenage girls to lose weight) and when i went to the fridge, all they had was lowfat milk!!!!! whoo hoo! i could of started break dancin right there in that kitchen. so if anyone has any ideas of how to lose weight, and fast, send your ideas right my way!!:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book your session today!!

I never know what to post on here... but I feel dumb for having one and not ever posting anything lol. So i thought hey... free advertising!!! Book your session with Hilary Gamble Photography today!! :) Here is the latest engagement session pictures. Whatever photography needs you may have, I can provide them.