Friday, February 10, 2012

oh, this is how it starts, lightening strikes the heart.

First off TGIF!! :)
I am soo ready for it to finally be the weekend. It has been such a extremely long week. Although, I did get a new job which so far I love. Part time babysitting and Part time working at State Farm. All for the same lady. Its been great. And nice to have a change. When I'm babysitting the baby sleeps all day so I have time to feed my pinterest craze. Yes, I am part of the 98% ofthe world that is addicted to Pinterest. I am also in the 90% that have plans to do things I see on there but never actually get around to it.

I seen on Baileys blog about her lone paragraph on The Walking Dead and would like to dedicate a paragraph as well. :) I am so pumped for Sunday night now. It is easily my favorite show on television right now. No contest!

Mackenzie and I just celebrated our 7 month anniversary! I know.. #gag but... surely after 7 months I deserve one blog post ;) Also Valentine's day is just next week! He has something planned but wont tell me what. Which just stresses me out cause I have no idea what to wear. He'll just tell me a jean skirt and t shirt but hello. I'm a girl. Its a lot harder then that.

To wrap up this blog post I would like to make an announcement that my birthday is next month. yes, next month. I'm really sad to be turning 19 and have my last summer/year to be a teenager. But I'm hoping for the best one yet :)

All for now..
- Hilary


  1. I LOVE YOU HILLY G! So glad I got to see you tonight!!! (:

  2. Hilary Brooke. I am so glad to see you back on the blogging track. STAY HERE!